Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Do you need to view things from a new perspective?

SkyPan delivers HD (up to 4k) quality video and high quality stills to enhance all sorts of business and personal applications. If you need a simple survey of your roof or you need a comprehensive ground and aerial shoot for your advertising campaign, we can work with you to provide special and unique shots that will not disappoint.

We are able to provide a comprehensive ground and aerial solutions which can deliver a finished media article or just a simple aerial raw footage - either stills or video or both.

Our charges start from as little as 400.00 (plus VAT and expenses such as travel) which would provide for a half days aerial filming with the raw footage supplied to you for your use.

If you have a project in mind then just contact us so that we can discuss what you would like to do.

Here are some examples of recent work......